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Your destination for personalized apparel and unique accessories. Discover a treasure trove of custom-made clothing, laser-engraved ornaments, and one-of-a-kind accessories. At Beaniepod, we specialize in crafting personalized items that elevate your style and commemorate special moments. Explore our collection and find the perfect expression of your individuality.

Our Story:

An Evolving Business

Beaniepod was born out of necessity: started by Jeanne Wright, a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) teacher at Cypress Creek Elementary School. Driven by the absence of a PTA during the COVID-19 pandemic, Beaniepod found its roots creating spirit shirts using a heat press and vinyl. 

A few months later,  Jeanne attended a screen printing workshop hosted by Jennifer Sanderson from “Pigskins and Pigtails.” Screen printing proved to be a vital technique at Beaniepod, transforming our ability to create personalized clothing efficiently.

 More recently, Beaniepod ventured into the world of GlowForges and laser cutting/engraving. Our initial GlowForge purchase was from the parents of one of Jeanne’s students. From that single purchase, the brand’s capabilities expanded, and now Beaniepod proudly operates two GlowForges, complementing the heat press and screen printing tools.


Looking Forward:

Future Vision

After reaching the remarkable milestone of 30 years in teaching on December 17, 2023, Jeanne’s official retirement date is yet unknown but on the horizon. This impending transition marks a pivotal moment for Beaniepod as it evolves into a full-time venture.

Beyond this milestone, Beaniepod envisions a future where exploration, travel, and the dedication to crafting unique apparel merge seamlessly. At Beaniepod, our commitment is to foster a culture of individuality, where every item tells a distinct story waiting to be unveiled. Join Beaniepod on this journey of personalized expression and discover the magic within its creations.

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